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Our story 

Two is better than one. Some get confused, are we Redwood Cafe or are we Vintage Gardens? Redwood Cafe is an idea born from a place where dreams are realized. Vintage Gardens, the home of Redwood Cafe, has been helping people from the Central Valley celebrate for a little over two decades. In 2020, Vintage Gardens was rebranded to Redwood Events. Countless couples have launched their dreams of family and community on the beautiful grounds of Redwood Events. They have shared their most significant commitments and achievements with their friends, families, neighbors, and community here with us. 

Realizing that milestones happen everyday in our ever- changing and vibrant lives, Bob Campana embarked on a venue to make our home, a place that so many people hold special, and is available to everyone; all the time. Campana, a supporter of Modesto - our home -  set out to design a restaurant that makes these special days a daily occurrence. 

Redwood Cafe and Events sits on the old Bracco homestead. The Knights of Columbus sold the home to Mr. Campana in 1994 for its ideal then- near- town location. The grounds had too much potential and beauty for Campana to keep from the community. Campana, a creative designer by trade, transformed what was a well- kept, yet spartan, property into the beautiful garden venue we know today. Through serendipitous design, Redwood Events grew into The Valley's premier outdoor venue. 


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